"American Health Care Reform" The essay is about what can be done to improve the American Health Care System.

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The current American health care system is believed the world over as the most modern and technological advanced medical delivery system in the world. However, as in most competitive business climates health care providers struggle to offer the most comprehensive health services at the most affordable prices. Unfortunately rising health, insurance, and drug prices have caused many Americans to feel good health is beyond their economic ability.

Other countries have fallen into various difficulties when trying to implement a universal take over of all existing health care systems, which has usually led to skyrocketing costs, and a diminishing quality of service. The total nationalization of all existing heath care facilities would not be necessary, but only a duel umbrella system that would incorporate uninsured Americans into the current health care system under new federal guidelines and regulations. This umbrella system would allow people who currently carry an insurance plan to keep that insurance plan.

Then those remaining uninsured citizens would be included into a new nationalized health package that would be an HMO type system, designed to curtail costs.

The last piece of the health care system that needs to be revamped and addressed is a need for "tort" reform to lower liability insurance costs for doctors, jury caps to lower the rising insurance costs for all Americans, and an opening on international bidding of prescription drug contracts for the United States of America, which would stem the ever increasing high costs of prescription drug medication. This new health care system for uninsured Americans could be paid for with an increase of new taxes on all health hazardous products, and a new 1% tax on all imported goods coming into the America.