An American Hero

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1. It seems as though most airmen in today's Air Force join to better themselves. They join to get money for college or get their college degree while serving. Some even join just to get job experience to get a high paying job as a civilian later. Well during the Vietnam war most airmen joined just because they wanted to serve there country. One of those airmen was A1C William H. Pitsenbarger. He defended the country during the vietnam war as a pararescue man in the United States Air Force.

He was killed in action on April 11, 1966. He was on a mission to pull out injured infantry men and take them to safety. During the rescue a viet cong began attacking the air craft and pitsenbarger waved them on. Volunteering to stay back and help fight he was helping the injured. He noticed while attending to the injured that the uninjured were running low on ammo.

Under his own initiative he went around to all the infantry men that were dead or unable to fight taking there ammo and disbursing it to the infantry men that were still able to fight.

For his heroism he eventually was awarded the Air Force Cross and the medal of honor.