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Who was responsible for the death of Terry Dumpton? Terry Dumpton is responsible for his own death in the play, "˜The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty', written by David Calcutt. He is responsible because he never stood up for himself, he kept his problems to himself and he allowed Stubbs to manipulate him, resulting in his death.

Terry's main problem, in the play, was that he kept everything to himself and didn't tell anyone, anything. Terry was having a lot of trouble with the gang, he was getting harassed and teased by them but no one heard anything about it. This is because Terry kept everything secret. He didn't let anyone else, except for Sammy, know what was happening to him. If he had told someone, they would have done something about it and, maybe even saved his life.

Another reason, contributing to Terry's death is that he never tried to stand up for himself.

Whenever "˜The Gang' or anyone else teased or annoyed him, Terry would just try to shrug it off as though nothing happened. A quote from the play was "˜Stubbs got to hate Terry more and more', the quote was showing how because, to Stubbs, Terry wasn't feeling any pain when he teased him, it made him angry and he began to push Terry to his limit.

As a result of Terry's disability to stand up for himself, Stubbs was able to manipulate him and get Terry to do things for him. An example of this is during Terry's time at school, Stubbs makes Terry pay him one pound each day that he doesn't bash Terry up.

So, for those reasons, Terry Dumpton was responsible for his own death in the play "˜The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty'. Due to the way he kept everything...