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Reviewing Facts

After the Articles of Confederation the United States faced several problem. They faced problem land and border disputes with western states and Spain, many people feared centralized power was growing, and people were concerned because there was no executive branch.

Tobacco and naval stores no longer enjoyed a preferred enjoyed a preferred position in British markets. American ships were banned from the British West Indies, and they were allowed to enter English ports only with the products of their home states. When the United States tried to negotiate, Britain showed little to grant economic privileges. Spain refused also to grant treaties with U.S. because of many hungry land settlers who were waiting to grab western land which belonged to Spain.

Goods from farmers such as lumber, grain, and deerskins. These items could not be easily carried over the mountains tot he East, but had to float down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on boats.

These Farmers wanted the right of deposit at New Orleans. When Spain refused this request, westerners asked Congress for a treaty with Spain, a treaty was made up but it did not express their views.

The Land Ordinance of 1786 provided a more method for settling public land north of the Ohio River. They would be surveyed and divided into townships.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was passed to provide for a strong government. The region bounded by the Ohio River, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi River was to be divided into fewer than three nor more than five.

The 55 delegates at the convention included many of the most able political leaders in the United States. Most were lawyers or judges; 21 had college degrees, a high number in a time when few people had any formal education. Nearly all the delegates...