American History: Hierarchical Democracy in the United States

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Date: 23/04/2014

American History: Hierarchical Democracy in the United States

For a world citizen, the United States is no doubt one of the most popular immigrating countries in the world. Not only because of its highly developed economy and technology, but more important is the feelings and concepts of the freedom and democracy there. Nowadays the United States always flaunts its freedom, democracy and equality to other countries on the international stage. While there was a period of time during the construction of the United States that was abhorrent from freedom, democracy and equality. Seeing the disastrous life of African Americans, exhausting life of industrial workers and the luxury life of capitalists in the related readings, I cannot say that the United States was a real free, democratic country at that time, personally speaking, I deem that democracy as "the hierarchical democracy".

During the reconstruction period, the life of African Americans was still not equal to white.

After the Civil War, the Southern society started rebuilding and reconstruction, in order to consolidate and expand the results of the Civil War. Whereas many officers of the confederation governments in the South controlled their congress and governments again, they took a series of counteractions against the reconstruction and tried to keep and resume the dominion of the slave owners. Under the background of the reconstruction, what the African Americans got as democracy and equality were quite different from whites. "While restoring civil rights and providing military protection, these acts failed to provide land to the freedmen." It seems that the African Americans had got the similar civil rights to whites. However, for African Americans, it was definitely not. "Every colored man will be a slave and feel himself a slave until he could raise his...