American History X : Synopsis.

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This movie deals with racism on both sides and is very raw. In the ordinary world you have a white, middle-class suburban family with a nice house three kids and blue-collar parents. But the beliefs that get passed to from father-to- son, brother-to-brother are not all that nice. At the dinner table the father is telling Derek, the oldest brother, about how two less-qualified black men got the job over two qualified white men because of affirmative action. Everyone at the table was not comfortable in hearing their father spew out racist remarks, it didn't seem right. I guess you can say this family values its freedom, its hard-working and patriotism.

Things get very blurry for Derek when his father is called to put out a fire in a black neighborhood and is shot and killed by a drug dealer. This sends a very strong message to him.

His response is quick and brutal. During an interview shortly after his father's death, Derek begins ranting about how non-whites are ruining this country. He slowly begins down a violent and dark path and dragging Danny, his brother, with him.

They both begin to follow a local white-supremacist leader, Cameron. Wrapped up in a world of hate, Derek assumes a leader-like position over a gang of fellow white-supremacist. One night they team-up to raid a grocery store that hires minorities and illegal aliens. They wreck havoc on the store and its workers and get away with it. The aggressive nature of this gang doesn't stop there. During a basketball game, they challenge a team made-up of blacks to a game. Whoever wins has to leave the court forever, whites versus blacks. With Cameron present, the whites win the game and claim the court.

One night, some of the...