The American Homefront in ww2

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17 May 2010

"The American Home Front during World War II"


Although there was no fighting in America during World War II, the American home front still needed to be productive and support the war. Americans had to produce materials for all of the allied forces. This seems simple and natural for a war-based economy, but most US workers were fighting somewhere throughout the world. This meant that women had to step up and take the role of men. A rationing system had to be developed since many items and materials were becoming more and more scarce. Imported goods were difficult to receive considering all of the fighting happening overseas. The US also had to be ready for any type of attack, so numerous home-guard systems were established. World War II was hard on the American home front and this will be proven through the home guard and other organizations, rationing scarce materials, and women's roles.

The Home Guard and Other Organizations

During World War II the American home front needed to be protected and it needed to support the war in a productive way. Therefore, the home guard system was assembled. The home guard not only protected the United States, it also supported soldiers and their families, provided relief for soldiers overseas, and helped struggling American families. There were two major organizations that supported American soldiers and families: the American Red Cross and the United Service Organization (USO). Each organization had centers not only in the United States, but also in other countries where soldiers were located (The War Effort). The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton with the following mission: to help and take care of soldiers during wartime, help...