American Imperialism

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American imperialism


American imperialism

American imperialism in the late 1800's was a shatter in American foreign policy. America has habitually liked to elaborate the country. In the 1880's, numerous persons considered that America should connect countries for example England and set up colonies overseas. Imperialism is when a larger, more powerful country likes to command other lesser and lower territories.At that time, imperialism was a tendency round the world. America became an imperialist territory because of financial causes, militery interests,and heritage superiority. (Davidson, Gienapp, 2008)

Leaders of the finances said that increasing the country would boost the countries wealth. William Seward bought Alaska from Russia. Everyone admonished him for it. They would call Alaska "Seward's Icebox", or they would call it, "Polar Bear Garden". As it turns out, the buy of Alaska turned out to be a cut-rate for the country. After the buy of Alaska, Seward looked for more territories to gain.

(Davidson, Gienapp, 2008)

One of the territories he advised buying were the Hawaiian Islands. During the early 1800's, missionaries from the United States went to Hawaii to trial to alter persons to Christianity. Their descendents begun sugar plantations. The planters conquered Hawaii's economic scheme by the late 1800's. (Davidson, Gienapp, 2008) The Queen considered that the planters had too much authority. So, she considered that she should trial to restrict their power. Meanwhile, in the United States, the trade regulations were altered to support sugar developed absolutely in American states. The American planters that dwelled in Hawaii were distressed that they had altered the regulation not to their advantage. In 1893 the planters rebelled. They overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and organised their own regime. After that, they inquired the States to annex them into the US. When the leader at the...