American Indians: A Haiku Collection.

Essay by RochefortA+, December 2005

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Then, smallpox blankets

Firewater is the scourge now

Damn you, Bacardi

You had Buffalo

But we took their tongues and skin

You can have the rest

Losing the struggle

Thunder sticks could turn the tide

We only have spears

Slots, poker, roulette!

Casinos make up for any

Past atrocities

Tribal sovereignty

What a great scam, no taxes

Take that, white faced man

I want that back now

But you just gave it to me

Indian giver

Remember our pain

Forget we scalped your people

That matters little

To native people:

You really wanted your land?

Should have tried harder

Open skies and plains

Reservations aren't so bad

Compared to Compton

Racism in sports?

Touchdown Washington Redskins!

No team named for me