American Innovators

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American Innovations

Miako Kitajima

Throughout American history, there have been many innovations that shaped our generation today. For example; the lightbulb, automobile, telephone, and assembly lines are just a few. Who knows how life would be like if we didn't have these everyday innovations in our lives.

The telephone was an innpvation created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The first time it was displayed was at the Centennial Exposition, and it was used by the emperor of Brazil. This invention impacted our lives very much so with the fact that you can communicate to other people from a long distance. This appealed to many people of all categories, and became a hit in a short period after its release. People opnely wondered what this new invention could lead to and all the possibilities about what can be done. For example, the public wondered if a man was away from his lover, the people pondered on the fact that he could propose to her from across the country.

The telephone has made life easier with the ability to call someone and get a direct answer instead of having to write a letter and wait a week or two for a response. Major businesses could now contact clients and other buisnesses without riding a train to meet eachother, they could just call eachother while staying in their cities.

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. The phonograph was a device that you would crank, and a recorded sound would play from it. The phonograph was the innovation that led to tape and CD players, and now portable music players. The first recorded sound was of Edison singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb". This led to small recording sessions with piano players and singers. Without the phonograph, we wouldn't have...