The American Jury: Justice is Challenged

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The American Jury: Justice is Challenged

When used in criminal cases, Jury trials tend to occur where the crime is extremely serious, and "no fault tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States". Meanwhile, as it is the jury who gives the verdict, how a jury is selected and what it is supposed to do play a very important role in defending the law. However, justice of law is challenged in several aspects in American Jury System.

Firstly, the participation of the attorneys in selecting the jury makes the jury system less perfect. Voir Dire, which is French for "to speak the truth," consists of having the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney each ask the jury a series of questions. It allows both sides to challenge jurors for prejudices, for familiarity with facts or witnesses, etc, and these challenges are unlimited in number.

Additionally, both the Prosecution and the Defense have a limited number of Peremptory Challenges, which may be exercised for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. The intervention of the attorneys, as a result, affects the realization of complete justice. On the one hand, with legal rights given, attorneys for each side always put the basic rule aside, and try to pick jurors who might just be a little sympathetic to their arguments and exclude the ones they believe will be really bad to their side. On the other hand, it certainly is frustrating for people to be excluded from jury duty. They have taken time from work; have submitted themselves to questioning, only to be rejected finally, especially when not given convincing reasons. Even the survivors may feel that they have been affronted in the individual investigation, and thus before the trial they have been biased towards one...