American Marraige In Contrast With Muslim Weddings

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Marriage is a legal agreement between two people. It's an important religious ceremony in every culture. There are different customs to celebrate this event. The oundations of marriage are built on trust but in every culture the way they celebrate their joy is different. In the Muslim culture, marriage celebrations are quite different from

American celebrations.

In Muslim culture, there is a high rate of arranged marriages. Usually, parents arrange the marriages for their children. Parents play a big role in the marriage of their children. There's also a love marriage but not most of the time. In America, the highest rate of marriages are love marriages. Every child has the liberty to marry

whomever they want.

In the Muslim culture, girls are supposed to marry early. The earliest marrying age for girls is 16; but she must be to married before she reaches the age of 25.

In America there is no such kind of age restriction.

In order to find a suitable spouse, Americans date each other before marriage.

In Muslim culture you're not allowed to date before marriage. People have to get the permission to meet in front of their elders, but they are not allowed to be physically close with each other at any point before the marriage rituals are completed. In fact in America, at the marriage ceremony the couples kiss each other, but Muslims

would never do this.

Also the weddings attire is very different for the bride and groom in both cultures. American brides wear white bride gowns, whereas, Muslim brides wear red or maroon

dresses called "Shararra". Muslim Grooms wear an outfit called "kameez pajama" while American grooms wear a tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

In the marriage ceremony of Muslims, the parents of the bride and the...