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Asma Gull Hasan has provided a very thorough and coherence understanding of the Islamic beliefs in her book American Muslims: The New Generation. She has listed copious examples on the traditional beliefs of the Islams as well as her own experiences as an Islamic woman to allow readers to have a better understanding of this customary religion. The purpose of this book is to show the readers that American Muslims do not pose any threats to the United States or any country in the world and that they should be treated equally. Every chapter is consistent in stating this purpose. Because of this reason, Hasan does a wonderful job of keeping the reader's attention and does not jump from one point to another like Huston Smith does in The World's Religions.

Both Hasan and Smith have done a marvelous and an exceptional job in providing descriptive information on Islam. However, Hasan is more opinionated in her book than Smith such as she give her opinion about premarital sex and the media should not stereotype Muslims.

Smith concentrates more on the religions of the world whereas Hasan plays the representative role for her people (i.e., the Muslim women); by letting her voice be heard; she wants people to understand and respect her religion. Both authors include the basic beliefs of Islam, such as the Five Pillars and the teachings of Muhammad, God's mouthpiece. On the other hand, Smith is more descriptive on the Islamic beliefs than Hasan. For instance, Smith is more in depth with the Five Pillars and provides more information. Nevertheless, I believe the information that is included in this book helps many Muslims to not be afraid to say that they are Muslims.

When I read this book, I have a better understanding of what Muslims people have...