The American Nightmare in "the Great Gatsby" by Scott F. Fitzgerald.

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Mr. Gatsby, also known as Jay Gatsby, James Gatsby, James Gatts, and Jimmy, plays a very important role in the novel The Great Gatsby. He also plays a large role in the main theme of the book. Throughout the novel Gatsby illustrates the theme known by many as The American Dream, however, later in the story this dream becomes The American Nightmare. After studying each of the characters it is evident that each of them plays a role in this theme. Each of these characters displays a unique version of the widely interpreted, American Dream, although it is most evident in the characters Gatsby and Daisy.

The American Dream is thought, by many, to be the title of an old belief, from rags to riches. Some more advanced definitions may chose to refer to The American Constitution and utilize "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." It can be categorized as, better living conditions, an unreachable goal, or realizing ones own potential.

In The Great Gatsby, it is best expressed as the unreachable goal, or using the simple definition, "from rags to riches".

In the novel The Great Gatsby , a man named Gatsby uses wealth to reach his dream. Sadly his dream remained a dream of the past and trying to reach it in the future became a nightmare. Gatsby was in love with a woman named Daisy and would do anything in his power to find the love they had lost over time. Unfortunately for Gatsby, The Beatles were wrong, all he needed was not love. Searching for his dream and his lost love became the cause of his failure and eventually his death. Daisy married another man, a wealthier man. This devastated Gatsby. He then decided to incorporate The American Dream into his life. He went...