American Politics

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American Politics


9:05-10:00 Tuesday

Federalist Debate

American Politics

American Politics has been influenced by a variety of different people and groups. The two most commonly groups that debated over the United States Constitution were the Federalists, and the Anti-Federalists. Many of the rights and rules of our national and state governments were established by these two parties who had very opposite attitudes on how our nation's government should be administrated.

I was part of the federalist group. We had many strong views about how the government should be set up and we argued for a strong central government. Along with the federalists, we believed that the people of the country can't be trusted with many of the major decisions involved in politics. Most of the population in the United States are uninterested in politics and also uninformed about political issues. The federalists felt that the common person is more interested in their personal lives then in the world of politics.

Also, in debate, we stated that the states would be better off with one powerful centralized government than with a many states with a majority of the power and a weak central government. We argued that it would be much easier to rally troops for a war, handle currency, and work with interstate relations with elite members in a strong centralized government. The elites would look out for the commonwealth of the people in a strong centralized government than with a weak centralized government with stronger direct control by the people who would be looking to better themselves first before the states as a whole. These are just a few of the arguments brought up by my federalist group in the debate.

There are many facts that support the federalist view of government in the United States of...