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Masaryk University

Faculty of Arts

Department of English and American Studies

English Language and Literature

Marie Bartošová

The Naïve and Innocent -

The Role of Americans in Graham Greene's novels

Major Bachelor's Thesis

Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Milada Franková, CSc., M.A


Author's Statement:

I declare that I have worked on this bachelor thesis independently, using only primary and secondary sources listed in the bibliography.

Marie Bartošová�


I would like to thank my supervisor doc. Mgr. Milada Franková, CSc., M.A., for her kind and valuable advice and help.


1. Introduction 5

2. The Life of Graham Greene 7

3. The Work of Graham Greene 9

4. Involvement and Disloyalty 12

5. The Anti-Greene USA in the 1950's 14

6. The Quiet and Innocent (The Quiet American) 16

7. The Turn Point in Greene's Political Development in the 1960's 27

8. The Naive and Quixotic Smiths (The Comedians) 32

9. Graham Greene as a Sympathiser with Communism 37

10. Conclusion 42


Appendix I.: The List of Works by Graham Greene

Appendix II.: An Invitation to Voyage


The topic of the thesis deals with anti-Americanism in Graham Greene's novels. The study will focus on Greene's political development. Graham Greene was a name in the West as well as in the Communist countries in the times of the Iron Curtain. The times of the Cold War are long time over and Graham Greene's works tend to be forgotten. Greene's young readers do not have knowledge of the political background of his work in comparison to his readership of the Communist Czechoslovakia. Nevertheless, Greene is still attractive to be read because of catchy thrilling plots and a fallibility of main characters. Greene as a Catholic author - that is the most frequent issue. But what about his...