American Revolution

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U.S History I

Essay on American Revolution.

The American Revolution was as much about new ideas and building a new society, as it was a physical break from Britain. Long story short, it was when the colonies in America revolted against the British rule because they were being taxed by people not even living on their land located thousands of miles away from Britain. The colonies also felt that their freedom were being taken away from them, causing anger and feelings of revolt through out America. Have you ever wondered if the American Revolution could've been prevented?

How would our lives in America be different? Do you think we would've had as much freedom and rights in our society as we do now? These are common questions that cause dispute throughout our country. Technically, if the American Revolution 'd occurred, as of right now we still would've been under British rule.

Do you really think that parliament, being such a powerful monarchy, would've given us all of our rights and freedoms as stated in the first amendment of the constitution?

The American Revolution could have been prevented if parliament wouldn't have enforced all of these taxes and intolerable acts upon the colonies. Colonists always had a big brotherly view of the British because of the battle of the American Indian war won by the British to protect the colonies. So being that colonists had much respect for parliament, they would've definitely had a lot of connections and peace among themselves. But, being that the British were basically broke, all of these taxes were enforced which cause dispute and ultimately, revolution.

There is also another way that the revolution could've been prevented. If the colonists didn't have such cavalry and independent points of view, they would've succumbed...