American Revolution and its consequences.

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1-2: American Revolution and its Consequences (P.8-16)

"Í Growing Crisis in 13 Colonies

"Ã Own Identity & Way of Life

"X Separated from Britain by Atlantic

"X Long traditions of governing themselves through elected assemblies

"X 1770s, thought of Americans instead of British subjects

"X Others were loyal and felt close ties to Britain

"Ã Why the British were Mad

"X Military Effort

ĩ Few colonists volunteered to fight during 7 yrs war

ĩ Regular army did most of the fighting

"X Illegal Trade

ĩ Merchants in Boston traded illegally w/ French in Canada & Acadia

"Ã Intolerable Acts - British Solutions

"X Navigation Acts

ĩ Required trade btwn Britain & colonies to be on British ships

ĩ Royal Navy was used to stop smuggling & illegal trade

* Smugglers tried w/o trial-by-jury (which the colonists were used to)

* Restricting Colonial trade & denying them basic right of trial-by-jury

"X Stamp Act of 1765

ĩ Stamps were attached to legal documents & newspapers to certify tax payment

ĩ 1st tax levied directly by Parliament

ĩ 1766, act repealed by opposition

"X Quartering Act of 1765

ĩ Use homes to provide room & board for British soldiers

"X Townshend Acts of 1767

ĩ Pay duties on tea, glass, paints, paper imported from Britain

ĩ Colonial leaders urged boycott

* Parts of the act were repealed

* Import tax remained

"X Growing Opposition

ĩ "taxation without representation is tyranny

* stamp act & Townshend acts

* colonists had no representation in Parliament

ĩ Boston Massacre of 1770

* Colonists die in clash w/ British troops over Townshend acts

ĩ Boston Tea Party of 1773

* Threw bales of tea from British ships into Boston Harbour

* Reactions

"Í Close Boston Harbour & suspended Massachusetts Assembly

"Í Quartering Act of 1774...