American Revolution by Nathan Belisle did america have the right to revolt according to Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"

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In the late eighteenth century the American colonies started a revolution and broke ties from the English Monarchy. It is argued that America at that time did not have the right to revolt and that the Americans were a group of complainers. However, a official historical document shows that given the circumstances at the time and the views of monarchy itself, the Americans did have the right to revolt and they were in their prime to accomplish that task.

During the time of the revolt the American colonies were receiving extremely unfair treatment. They were being taxed by England without having a representative in the English government and they had to endure a series of acts that were nearly unbearable. They also always had to be "running three or four thousand miles with a tale or petition, waiting four or five months for an answer, which when obtained requires five or six more to explain it in, will in a few years be looked on as folly and childishness."

(Common Sense chap.3) There was also the fact that England took part in many wars and dragged America into many of them, making America an enemy to many countries that it would other wise share a friendship with. For example, Tomas Paine writes "France and Spain never were...our enemies as Americans, but as our being subjects of Great Britain." (CS chap.3) Then there is the fact that England, by shutting down the Boston Harbor in a sense destroyed Boston "who but a few months ago were in ease and affluence, have now no other alternative than to stay and starve, or to turn out to beg...they are prisoners without hope of redemption." (CS chap.3)

Aside from the harsh conditions that America had to face there was also...