The American Revolution - Origins and Motives

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Essay: The American Revolution - Origins and Motives

The American Revolution was the successful colonial uprising in British North America, which marked the end of Great Britain's domain over the thirteen colonies. The leaders of this revolution created the foundations on which a new government, "of the people, by the people, and for the people," was to be founded upon. But, the sentiments expressed in the documents they wrote, as well as the nature and background of the leaders, have led people to question the true extent of the revolution. By analyzing the origins of the uprising, the distinct motives of the people who fought in the Revolution, as well as the developments that took place afterwards, we can see that the American Revolution was more of a political change of power benefiting the landed elite of the colonies, not a radical social revolution for the general populace.

The origins of the American Revolution are key in understanding the true revolutionary aspect of the uprising. The revolution originated and was fueled by the Empire's attempt at a tighter control over the colonies after the Seven Year's War, and social class conflicts. Thanks to the French-Indian War, the British government had generated a substantial debt, which it had to find a way to pay off. Looking at the colonists as the responsible party of the war, the British authorities decided that "salutary neglect" could not continue to be the practice in the American colonies, and thus began to tighten their grip on these holdings, as well as levying taxes to repay their debt. The colonists, outraged at what they considered a violation of their rights, began to organize a popular opposition to the taxes and acts passed by Parliament. In...