The American Revolution (The Revolutionary War)

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A Fight for Independence

America: The land of the free, and the home of the brave. We all know that if we look at America in the prime of its greatness, it was just this, the land of the free. It was free from oppression, from stubborn, and greedy laws, and acts that held us back. However, this independence did not happen overnight. It happened over the course of hundreds of years. America was, and still is, a nation of those who fought for what they believed in, and it all began in the prime of its independence. Between the years 1754, which gave us the French and Indian War, and 1774, when the first Continental Congress Meeting was held, America slowly but surely took its rightful place as the just leaders of the lands from sea to shining sea. It's independence did not come easily, and many men died for its fortification, but all for a worthy cause.

Once we took the seat we so aptly deserved we forged a nation that would be looked at as the land of opportunity, and the sole nation in the world which was truly blessed by God. In this paper, I will endeavor to answer how the formation of our great nation came about, what steps we took to achieve independence, and most of all what caused of the Revolutionary War.

There really is no set beginning to this magnificent story of independence and liberation; however, the start to the true action and the first steps in the direction of who we truly were as a nation, began with The French and Indian, which began in 1754, or more specifically with the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1763. The French and Indian war was one of the biggest eye openers for...