"American Revolution Timeline". This is a timeline about events that occured in Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. The timeline expands from 1774 to 1783

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Sept. 5, 1774 - First continental congress meets. Peyton Randolph was president of congress. representatives of all colonies were in attendance except Georgia.

April 19, 1775 - War begins between the colonies and Great Britain. Colonies want to be free

from Great Britain's rule.

July 8, 1775 -Olive Branch Petition. Congress sent King George the petition urging a return to the former harmony between Great Britain and the colonies. He rejected the petition.

- 1776- An anonymous 47-page essay was written where Thomas Paine attacked King George and the monarchy. Paine argued for Independence.

May 10, 177 -Second Continental Congress meets. Congress agreed to recognize the colonies as the continental army and appointed George Washington commander.

- July 4, 1776 Second Continental Congress passes the American Declaration of Independence. Declaration states all men are created equal, and people's natural rights such as life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

July 8, 1776- Bell rang to call people of Philadelphia Together of the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

- Late Fall 1776 -Washington's army was pushed over the Delaware River into Penn. By the British army. Fewer than 8,000 men still remained at this time.

Spring 1777 General Howe set off to Philadelphia from New York for battle with the British. The Americans lost the battle, and the British took over Philadelphia.

- June 14, 1777 - Flag of America made by Betsy Ross.

flag was thirteen stripes alternative red and white, the union was thirteen stars, white in a blue field. Thirteen stripes stood for the thirteen colonies, thirteen stars also represented the thirteen colonies becoming states.

February 1778 - Valley Forge. Friedrich Von Steuben taught

soldiers to stand at attention, execute fire maneuvers, fire & reload quickly, and wield bayonets.

- 1778 - France joins America in...