American Revolutionary War

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American Revolutionary War Compare the strength and weaknesses of the American and British sides in the American Revolutionary War. Explain why the Americans were successful in winning.

In comparing the British and the American strength and weaknesses, the reason the American were successful in winning the war was due to non-military factors and some geographic reason as well as foreign support. The non- military reasons included their ability to unite, use of propaganda like the one in the book Common Sense and the influence of people like Paul Revere and George Washington.

Another main factor that affected the outcome of the war was geographical reasons. Americans were fighting on their own land versus the British who had come from overseas.

This essay will show how these reason's led to the American's winning the war.

The American strengths included their ability to unite, their strong leaders and their receiving aid from France.

One of the main reasons the Americans won the war was because of their unification. For example we can see their unification with the Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence where they agreed upon an action which was benefiting for the country. The use of propaganda was another way to create unity for the American cause. An example of this is the book Common Sense by Thomas Paine. It helped encourage the issuance of the Declaration of Independence and pointed out the economic benefits if they continued fighting against the British.

Events such as the Boston Massacre were depicted by Paul Revere in exaggerated way to Americans to increase their wanting to fight for independence against the "bad" British. The American won also because of strong leaders like General Washington and how he made a surprise attack on the British in 1776, Christmas when he was crossing...