American Superiority

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American Superiority The United States has always been the "land of the free and the home of the brave". Where in this proclamation does it say that Americans are better because we are white? Or where does it state that because you have different ideas than the U.S. on how to run you country that you are automatically wrong? These questions have been asked many times by people all over the world about the U.S. "˜s sense of superiority.

One example of this is our forcing our opinions, but more than that, our rule on the Philippines. We acted like an "over controlling manager" in the Philippines. The U.S. thought that the Philippines would be better off if we "cultured" them. We tried making them run their government like we thought was best. We also made them wear "american" clothes, use american methods in their agriculture, and we also tried to make them adapt our language and our religion.

We felt that we had to control them because "our way was better". In some ways we took advantage of them by using their resources for our own purposes, just to exude our authority. A quote from the Chicago Times Herald read, "The commercial and industrial interests of American's, learning that the islands lie in the gateway of the vast and undeveloped markets of the Orient, say 'keep the Philippines'" Why did we think is necessary to "stick our noses into someone else's business"? Why is it so important that every other country be like us? Why can't we leave them be?