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American Teenager's Privacy

ENG 112-001

Prof. Jean Bodman

Adriana Gualan


Should parents limit the privacy of American teenagers at home? This is a question which many parents have when it comes the way how to raise children nowadays. Values and customs are different in each culture; therefore, there are many ways of raising teens around the world which depends on each culture. American teenagers distinguish from others worldwide because they are educated to achieve independence at certain age. However, when they are still teenagers, they depend on their parents while they are still living at home. Anyhow, the privacy of American teenagers at home should be limited by their parents because at that age they still do not have a well-developed personality. To demonstrate responsibility and maturity, teenagers should be encouraged to share problems with their parents and obey the house rules to maintain the right to privacy at home.

First of all, many researches have shown that American teenagers do not have a well-developed personality before they reach the age of 15 years old (Allik, J., Laidra, K., Realo, A.,& Pullmann, H., 2004). Teenagers in that age cannot make good decisions because they make their decision based on what they decided to have and not what is right from wrong. Kurt Lewin explains while a human beings are in the process of growing, they experience some psychological changes which can affect our personality and therefore their environment. This process can give adolescents the ability of recognize between what is right and what is wrong. For example,

Indeed, teenagers have to show that they are prepared to take responsibility for their actions if they require privacy from their parents. People learn responsibility from parents at home and teachers at school, but only a few individuals can be responsible when...