The American Traitor

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THE AMERICAN TRAITOR John Walker, the American traitor, who would have ever thought that something like this would happen? One of our own, turning their backs on their country at times like this.

When Walker was asked about the attacks of September 11th, he said he supported it.

This is the same person who also picked up a gun during the fight at Mazar-e-Sharif in an effort to kill Americans. This person should be shot. He is a horrible person for doing what he has done. Yet his father asks the U.S. to "have a little mercy for him, he's really not much more than a boy". Let's put his father in the shoes of one of the Marines that fought at Mazar-e-Sharif, where a CIA agent was killed, to find out that an American, was out there trying to kill him and any other American forces that were there.

What should we do with this American-bred terrorist? Charge him with conspiracy? Slap him on the wrist and say, "bad boy, don't do that again?" Let's hope that our government deals with Walker they way he dealt with people from his own country--, without mercy.