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With the Demise of the Cold War in 1989 the world witnessed the end of an era. The worlds two super powers, The United States and the Soviet Union, finally saw an end to their arms race and America was left standing as the only super power with almost unlimited global sway in terms of political and economic dominance. With no realistic treat to America, new life was brought into the tradition of American unilateralism and isolation from the rest of the world. At one time America encouraged globalism in an effort to achieve peace, prosperity, and security but America is now encouraging its unilateral and nationalistic policies to its own benefit. Many world powers have started developing social, political, and economic alignments that protect their interests and no longer have the U.S. serving as the major protector of those interests. America is slowly becoming more distant from traditional allies and involved in the conflicts of problem nations, and compromising its economic progress and damaging its security.

The Attack of 9/11 has given the U.S new reason to pursue its unilateral approach and redefine the world the way it sees fit. Despite the global thrust, many countries still operate in their own interests. The United States is no exception. The U.S has taken a contrary position to other major world powers on international treaties that effect that future survival of the entire world. After the attacks of 9/11 the U.S has defined that it is in a unique situation and has to right now to act alone to propel its own future interests.

The rejection of the Kyoto Protocol by President has raised many questions and starting to cause concern among many European nations. The Kyoto Protocol was a legally binding international agreement designed to try to reduce the...