American Utopia

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What is your American Dream?

Isn't freedom what allows one to be able to work towards their dreams?

Many people come to America looking for a better way of life. Why do they come to America and not Britian or Canada?

The American Utopian

Most people come America for the freedom we offer as a nation, but what is it these long and hard road travelers are looking for? Is it actually a piece of the pie? Is it financial independence? What differs us to other free nations such as Great Britain or Canada? Borrowing an old cliché, "Who wants a piece of the pie?" Is this why Don Mc Clean wrote "American Pie?" America welcomes so many new faces each year coming into our borders. What is their dream? What is it about U.S.A that causes us to have the masses flood into our country? There was a big surge of new people from around the over three hundred years ago.

Many of America's forefathers were kicked out of England, because of their religious beliefs. A lot of them made the trek to the United States to find a future for their offspring. Religious persecution was prevalent in England. What was their vision? Is it still alive today? Do many come to America for what its worth? The United States has long regarded itself as a beacon of world peace. Is this why so many want to come to our country? When people lived in Europe under the rule of monarchy they didn't have a choice and very little human rights if any against the king, and the church. Now most countries throughout Europe have parliaments that oversee the human rights of their citizens

The typical American gets a forty-hour a-week job and has a wife and two...