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Political Parties Essay By Binh Nguyen During the 1790s, there was a development between the formations of the Federalist and Republican Party. Many events during that period including the creation of the Alien Sedition Acts of 1798 and the XYZ Affair caused this to happen. Because of this, there were many issues between these political parties..

The Federalist was one of the parties during the period. They tend to favor a strong federal government and liberal interpretation of the Constitution. They like to deal with anything that has to do with commerce and business. This party consists mostly of wealthy people. The Democratic/Republican party was the opposing party during that period. Their philosophies were the opposite of the Federalists. They tend to favor a limited federal government and conservative interpretation of the Constitution. They favor issues that are agricultural or agricultural-related. The majority of the party consists of common people.

One of the causes of the developmental process of the two parties is the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798. It all started out with Congress passing four bills on June and July of 1798. With these laws, it did the following: 1) required a 14 year residency before acquiring naturalization status, 2) gave the President power to deport immigrants that seem to harm the safety of the United States, 3) allow the removal of such aliens during a war, and 4) prohibits publications of any form of press that are against the United States. These laws created some disagreements with the two parties. The Republicans don't mind having immigrants since they wanted a rapid population to make America stronger. The Federalists think that if there were to be immigrants here, the ideas of the immigrants may come along to America, therefore the Federalists opposed of that idea. Republicans...