The American Way

Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade July 2004

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I started out the day

in a usual way

with just a few little crumbs

on my rolling tray

so I call up my dealer

and he sells me a bag

thirty bucks an eighth

for this awful brown schwag

so I roll up a doob

and I roll down the street

to take a few puffs

of my mid-day treat

but as I cruise along

the streets become dead

all I see in the mirror

is blue and red

so I stuff the bag

underneath my jeans

and over the sound of my sterio

I hear the sirens ring

sweat pours from my face

as I push the pedal down

I'm not going to stop

not in this town

by this time

I'm going pretty fast

as I cruise down main st

with 3 pigs on my ass

I tried to lose them

but to no avail

after I crashed

they took me straight to jail

"are you stoned, boy?"

"well, sure I am"

as they interrogate me

like the son of sam

I sat in a cell

for a couple of weeks

and seemed to fit in

with all of the freaks

and soon the time came

my day in court

the judge looked down and said

"son, I've seen your sort"

he said I would end up

living on the street

if I didnt stop smokin' that crazy grass

and staring at my feet

so he threw me the book

and here I will stay

behind cold bars

the american way