AMERICAN WOODCOCK The Woodcock is a migratory bird the lives

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AMERICAN WOODCOCK The Woodcock is a migratory bird the lives in temperate forests during the warm seasons of spring and summer, since temperate forests provide the perfect habit for the bird. It has long nostrils to probe for the unlimited bug food supply. It may eat more than it weighs in bugs a day. It also can shelter almost anywhere because of its small size.

CHIPMUNKS space, which is provided in a deciduous forest biome. They can survive through almost any kind of weather. They can live in any small holes such as a log, in a tree, or in a hole. They can also dig their own holes. Food is provided everywhere in a forest. They eat plants, berries, sometimes small bugs, and will eat shed deer antlers for calcium.

WHITE TAILED DEER Deciduous forests are the perfect place for a deer. It provides food such as twigs, shrubs, grass, herbs, and fungi.

The deer stays in-groups during the winter to help each other survive. While in the summer they go off single or in-groups of two.

FOXES This biome provides the fox with many choices of food making it ideal for living. The fox will eat creatures such as insects, hares, berries, mice, and other fruits. They also can dig and make tunnels in the soft soil of temperate forests.

BLACK BEAR The black bear needs a very large area to roam and lots to eat. This is all provided in a deciduous forest. It is an omnivorous animal that eats berries, fruit, deer, fish, and almost and other animal it can catch. It needs hundreds of pounds of food before it hibernates in the long winter seasons.

Chipmunks are small and very active. They need lots of