The Amish

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Our country is now in the twenty-first century. We have grown as a nation and have seen many changes in our technological and social lifestyles. We now have highly advanced machinery, mammoth airplanes, amazing computers, etc. These sophisticated entities would never have been thought of prior to this century. On the other hand, the Amish people still live the traditional lifestyle they brought with them when they migrated to America over three- hundred years ago. The most significant aspects of the Amish philosophy in their simple culture lies in the pursuit of education, hard work, allegiance to their church, and of the utmost importance is their reverence for the sanctuary of their home.

The overall view of the Amish people and their culture leads us down a dirt road where we see horses and buggies plodding along among their simple, plain houses. We might see a farmer toiling the soil on his farm.

Young children spotted at school or just playing, seem very happy and content. As we pass through their communities, we note small shops owned and operated by the townspeople. They sell dry goods, home-baked goodies, farm products, homemade crafts, etc. As a spectator, one has to be amazed at how much is accomplished by the Amish without all of modern society's technological advances. Their ability to progress on their own terms, through their perseverance and hard work, should be admired by all. Their mission is to accomplish all that they aspire to. They have fared better that we have when it comes to comparing their way of life to ours. Their people do not live in poverty. The church takes care of widows and orphans and the destitute (Kraybill 255). The Amish people have a high quality of life and it seems to meet with greater success...