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Eve 6's Here's to the Night Every song has some type of meaning to it's artist, but it is up to the listener to interpret it anyway he or she feels fit to do so. Everyone at some point has listened to a song, but not everyone knows the roots of the song or do they care to break down the song into meaning. "A song has power and meaning in individuals, power to create a feeling, to spark an emotion, or even make action". In the case of "Here's to the Night" by Eve 6; an alternative rock band that emerged in the late 90's, the song finds its roots in the common social activity of "one night stands" Rock has evolved greatly since its days of "blues" it has transcended through eras of "Beatles " to the "Elvis". Rock has survived its punk era in the streets of New York and Europe in the 70's.

Rock is not the spiky hared, leather wearing, tattoo-bearing anarchist; we have all imagined it to be. "Rock'n'roll was a catch-all term big enough to embrace any number of fleet of sub genres."{Thompson XII) That's why today's rock is anything that feels good. Today's rock is the smooth vocals of Weezer, it is the upbeat styles of Green Day, today's rock even transcend traditional styles with the hard tones of Limpbizkit and Rage Against Machines. The new genres created by the evolution of rock have created an alternative-pop rock genre; the genre is mostly mainstream and commercialized young performers.

Eve6 is a mainstream alternative-pop rock band. The group consists of Max Collins (lead vocals and bass) Anthony Edward Fagenson (Vocal and drums) Johnathan Siebels (Guitar and vocals). They were all raised in the Los Angeles area. They attended school at La Cresenta High School. The band was sighed to RCA Records when they were all still in high school. The band did not release a record until 1998 when two were seniors and one of the members was already out of high school. Like most commercialized groups Eve 6 "The most important thing is coming up with good pop songs, "¦.strong, catchy songs." (Condran) What in today's society says taboo more than the art of the one-night stands and that is exactly what this song is about? It is about the emotional and physical bond that can occur in a night of passion and togetherness. The author is regretting the fact that he participated in a one-night stand. In the first sentence he expressed how he lied and denied things to get the person into bed with him. The line "Are you willing to be had are you cool with just tonight" indicates that it is suppose to mean nothing to him, and she would have been one of many. He is aware of the things that come along with one-night stands, he express them in choruses'. As the time comes to depart he now feels, differently about the situation maybe realizing that he actual does like the girl in a deeper level other than physical. He doesn't want to depart from the person he wants to "Stay and hour or two or more" he "doesn't want her to let him go" because he is afraid that if she does they might never see each other again.

Rock has evolved allot during the last couple of decades. It had to evolve to meet the changing needs of the consumer. Rock has evolved from the nostalgic melodies of the 60's, to the hard punk of the seventies and eighties. It then turns to the more mellow sounds of the nineties. Rock like any other musical or art genre gets it's inspiration from the needs of the public. Things that go on in the public that no ones talks about is exactly what artist try to put into the light, to spark some emotion to spark feelings and action.

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