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Base Numeral System

Table Of Contents

Introduction 1

The Base System 5

Throughout History

Different Base Number Systems 10

Base in Numeral Systems 12

Conclusion 14

Appendix 16

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The base number system in which the base numbers between 0-9 are used as a base for a system. For example, on a daily basis we use the base system of 10 for counting. The first digit in a number is in the ones place. The second is placed in the tens place. The third in the hundredths place, and so on. The base number system of 2 is called the binary system. The binary number system uses only two numbers, 0 and 1. Two is the smallest whole number that can be used as the base of a number system. Binary is a system of measurement where all the integers are multiples of 2 and are represented in columns going from right to left.

The first or far right column represents the smallest integer and every time a new column is added to the left side the value increases 2 times the value of the previous column. This is a basic concept of how base number systems work. In the binary number system we start out with a 1's column on the far right, then working from right to left a 2's column, 4's column, 8's column, 16's column and so on. Counting in binary is just like counting in any other number system. Beginning with a single digit, counting goes through each integer, in increasing order. Decimal counting uses the symbols 0 through 9 in the form of 10, while binary only uses the symbols 0 and 1 in the form of 2. The decimal system which we use is a places-value system which just means that the value of...