"Among the Hidden" By Maragret Peterson Haddix

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Luke’s friendship with Jen was sacred and unique. Both of them put effort into one another, into supporting other shadow children and mostly into staying alive. Luke and Jen both took knowledge and realization out of their friendship. Luke learned that you need be spontaneous and impulsive while Jen had to learn how to be the complete opposite, cautious and calm. Everyone needs both characteristics to be a good person and the same goes for friendships.

From Jen’s death Luke learned that life is too short. People need time to complete things, make a difference in the world. Jen died young. She tried to help the shadow children however she could. She tried but failed because there wasn’t enough time. You have to do something as soon as you can because something might happen the disables you to do so.

Luke realized that he can make a difference too.

It didn’t matter that he was poor with hand-me-down clothing. He had brain power and that’s all that mattered. He tried to talk Jen out of the rally to help protect her. If she had listened she may have lived and had more opportunities to help bring her and her fellow hidden children out of hiding. Using just his words Luke was able to comfort a mourning father. He was able to make a difference in the lives of one family and maybe even the world.

The most important lesson Luke gained from his friendship with Jen was to be brave and stand strong. Fight for what you believe. It may not have an immediate impact but at least one life will be affected by it eventually. It may give someone hope or strength. It may give someone the courage to speak up and change the world. If you express...