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During summertime, my favorite destination is Amphitrite Beach, situated on the Atlantic coast twenty minutes south of Rabat, the capital of morocco. Because of its proximity to the city, this lovely beach is he preferred destination for the Rabatis (1) it is also the main destination for the peripheral population of villages and suburban areas surrounding the beach, which is made up mainly of low-income households. The population of the beach is socially diverse and heterogeneous and perfectly reflects the social segregation in Morocco.

On this sunny afternoon, I decide to head to Amphitrite Beach. I park my car in a spot I have found with great difficulty. I grab a pair of sunglasses and a towel from the trunk and find my way to the beach through a dusty path between two houses. After dropping my towel and other stuff, I run to the appealing indigo sea and dive in.

From the seaside, the view is large and vast. On my left, there is the magnificent Amphitrite Hotel. A two-story building that gave its name to the entire beach. On my right, there is the crowded public beach, overhung by a succession of wood lodges. An austere wall separates the hotel's beach from the public beach. From the public beach side the wall is deteriorating and covered with holes, which have become a refuge for lizards. From the hotel side, the wall looks neat and freshly painted.

On the sea, privileged kids and adults ride their Kawasaki jet skis and make spectacular figures. The bravest will go beyond the red limit and move in Zigzags around the fishing boats in the open sea.

I dry myself and walk to the hotel's beach through Tahitian style umbrellas. The sand is so clean that it sparkles when hit by the rays...