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Introduction to Amsterdam problems

There are too many interesting places around the world which are well-know, and Amsterdam is one of several places which captivates people. It is the capital city of the Netherlands. People are always talking about the interesting places there, such as the Van Gogh Museum, famous people like Vincent Van Gogh, football league and unforgettable things, such as a windmill, which is the symbol of the Netherlands. The buildings in Amsterdam are unique, have exquisite and unimaginable beauty. That's all the stereotypes we know about Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the truth is so far from this because there are extreme urban problems in Amsterdam. This report will look at its urban problems, for instance - A city with too many bicycles, drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness.

A city with too many bicycles:

Nowadays, using bicycle, instead of other transportation vehicles seems to be a better choice for people around the world, especially in cities which have problem with the air pollution by combustion of automobiles and factories.

Amsterdam is one of several cities that rebounds bike's trend, which bring a big problem, to decrease air pollution in urban areas and it's not all good. Abandoned bicycles in the centre city are beginning to be a problem because most Dutch people, who respond to bike's trend, always go outside their houses by bicycle. This is the unique problem to the capital city of the Netherlands. As a result, every 1 Amsterdammer will have 1.5 bikes in average, and from this statistic's ratio is showing that there are large amount of bicycles not being used certainly. Moreover, sixty percentages of all bikes parked in the city centre are believed that they aren't used and fifteen percentages of all bikes parked around the city are unused. This is a...