The amulet by Hal Borland (book report)

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The Amulet is a realistic fiction book. I think it has an interesting title because you don't know what to expect before you read it. I don't think it has an appropriate title because it has almost nothing to do with an amulet.

The author of The Amulet is Hal Borland. Hal Borland was born in Nebraska and spent most of his boyhood on a ranch in eastern Colorado. He graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism. Some other works by this author include When the Legends Die, The Seventh Winter, and King of Squaw Mountain. I would not read another book by this author because in this book there's not enough action and the story is really boring.

The setting of this book mostly takes place in the western United States.

Quincy Scott - A brave young man.

Jake - An older man who is very brave.

Quincy Scott had been living a good life in Colorado working for a man named Dave Rowley and was planning to buy a farm and get married to his fiancé. One day while he was working he saw a band of southerners that were on their way to reach confederate forces. Though he didn't know why he felt like he needed to go with them and help. Quincy joined a couple of others and started out. After many hours of riding their mules day after day, stopping many times to ask for blankets and extra food they made it. Quincy and the others waited for days until the battle started. After a day of the battle the Union forces started to retreat and the Confederates followed. Since Jack and Quincy were only volunteers they decided to go home since they both missed their families.

What I think the author might...