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Essay 1

Two of the essays, Amy Chua's Why Chinese Mothers are Superior and William Zinsser's College Pressures both talk about students, who have been raised from ordinary family background under Asian -American parents and American parents. The authors are both outstanding professors of Yale University, and encounter hundreds of students daily (They probably give lots of their perspective of advice to students). The difference of content of essays is that they discuss from a different angle of how to deal with students. The contrasting point is, one is the mother of two daughters and has Chinese value of education; on the other hand, one has typical western thinking. Also, one written essays on present-day, while one written essays on 1979. There are a definite difference of argument between Zinsser and Chua, although they have never met together in reality. It is indisputable that Chua should think Zinsser have typical western culture, parenting style, in contrast, Zinsser will say to her she's daughter has so much pressure due to her and today's college environment.

Amy Chua discusses about her parenting style at 'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior'. She points out main different point of raising style between Chinese and western culture. She thinks parents should help to children get a perfect academic score, therefore Chua specifies forbidden doing lists of her children, which have purpose for improving academic performance. The academic expectations bring majority of difference between western and Chinese parents. Chua, in her essay, emphasizes, "All the same, even Western parents think they're being more strict, they usually don't come close to being Chinese mothers"(411). This means Chinese mothers treat their children so hardly than western parents, on the other hand, western parents care about son and daughter's self-esteem more, in comparison...