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Yessenia Juarez

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Standard 3 Writing Assignment

2 October 2014

Electoral College

An electoral college was originally created in the 1820s when President Andrew Jackson was elected. Electoral colleges were simply put as a popular vote to see who would win all of a state's votes. Who ever won all the votes would be president and the runner up would be named Vice President. Electoral colleges are a great benefit to our nation, due to the fact it gives the voice of a state rather than one bias opinion of someone who just hates on our future president for unjust reasons. The benefits for Electoral College come in a prodigious amount such as: the capability of improving the status interests of minorities, maintain the federal system, and it promotes political stability.

The capability of improving the interest in minorities would help benefit the outcome of the Electoral College. Many people don't know this, but even the smallest groups of people can drastically change the impact on the way voting occurs. So if we improve the interest in minority we would have a chance of a just selection towards, the one who will be called, our future president. Minorities are becoming greatly dependent upon in our country, especially since we have tons of thousands constantly moving into the United States daily. Making them feel equal as we all should feel, as our for fathers have said before us ( "…all men are created equal…") is a great way to prove the positive impacts that electoral colleges can have on the U.S.

Maintaining a federal system is important because its political powers are held for component states such as, the House of Representatives whom are there to represent our state. The federal system is put in place to so that...