An analaysis of the poem by Stephen Crane called "when a people reach the top of a hill".

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The poem by Stephen Crane when a people reach the top of a hill was the first poem that I chose 2 read of him. It was great. I loved it and I just about got the meaning of it. Were supposed to analyze it and analyze is what I'm going to attempt to do.

When people reach the top of the hill it is usually considered 50. I really don't know why because I would consider the top of the hill to be half way through your life. Therefore it that was the truth then only a few people in the world have ever made 50 the mid point of their life. It might be depressing to them to ever reach this point, because many people consider this as too old. If you were to reach the top of the hill though in this poem it has more to do with will power than 2 do with age.

Will power comes from age but that doesn't mean because you're young you have less will power. When someone reaches the top of a hill they are closer to God than the rest of people because of their altitude so does God lean toward them? God doesn't lean toward them because no matter where u are God can be right there with you on top of a hill or on the ground. "A vision of their dead comes to weak". When you are older death is even closer. This does not mean that because you are young that death isn't near, because you never know. The moon shall never grow old. When new battalions come and the moon will still not be old. I really don't understand the meaning of blue battalions only that the soldiers could be blue. Blue meaning...