Analogy of Time - what we think of time.

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It is high noon. A young boy walks swiftly across his schools playground, headed for the backdoor entrance. Compared to other of his age, the boy is quite the looker. As the boy is about to enter the building, he takes a comb out of his pocket and fixes his blonde, wavy hair so that his teacher is not given the chance to scold him for being untidy. Once inside his classroom, the boy takes a seat at the back by the window. The teacher enters and begins her lesson for the day. She is teaching algebra. The boy tries quite hard to keep his attention focused on the teacher but her monotone voice makes it quite impossible to do so. The boy fixes his eyes on a poster at the far end of the room and recognizes it at once. It is “The Cycle of Life” illustration. Even though the boy has read this many times before, that does not prevent him from going through it once more.

This world is perfect. The elders say it is. Life has been perfectly divided into five stages. No more are needed and no less are wanted.

In prechildhood, children are taken from their mothers and programmed to live by the sun. They are taught how to follow schedule by the sunlight. An internal clock is hard-coded into an individual. It ticks away telling that person’s brain cells exactly what moment in time it is. Failure to adapt these techniques leads to an individual’s termination.

During childhood, children are returned to their parents so that their abilities can be further practiced and improved. They are allowed to roam freely amongst the streets but must adhere to the strict schedules of the day. These include the times for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.