Analyse the cause and effects of the New Zealand Wars

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Victoria McClintock

Analyse the cause and effects of the New Zealand Wars

There have been many New Zealand Wars which have impacted the Maori. Throughout the history of New Zealand there have been several wars and all of them having different causes and effects. The Wars starting after the treaty, with wars like the Wairau incident, Kingitanga movement these wars have affected the Maori for a long time.

The most important reason being the cause of the wars was the treaty and the different interpretations of the treaty being the Maori and English Versions of the Treaty where as there was a miscommunication that happened between the word 'Kawanatanga' and 'Sovereignty'- an example being in Article One the Maori Version having: "Chiefs gave the queen 'te Kawanatanga Katoa' - the governance over the land." And the English Version has: "Chiefs gave the queen 'all rights and powers of sovereignty' over the land."

This Miscommunication causing mass conflict between the Maori and English as they put faith in the treaty and were disappointed at the fact that the European Authority who ignored the conditions that both the Maori and English agreed on at the signing of the treaty.

Conditions of Britain led to the Mass Migration and sky-rocket the demand for land by settlers as they were looking for a better life in a New World. The population in 1801 changed from 16 million to 26 million in 1841 as a wave of European settled in New Zealand. But the New Zealand Company overcame all of the barriers. Investors in the company were all promised 100 acres of farmland and one town acre; the 1,000 orders were taken within a month. To tackle the negatives of New Zealand were covered up by the company using pamphlets and broadsheets to promote...