Analyse the effect of inequality on access to socially valued resources in ONE society.

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Analyse the effect of inequality on access to socially valued resources in ONE


Equality often implies an equality of opportunity to access what society has to offer. Typically this includes access to socially values resources, such areas as health, education, employment opportunities and political representation. Over the years, Australian society has been described by people as a "working man's paradise, 'the land of the fair go', and an egalitarian society. However, there has been evidence of inequality of groups such as the indigenous, the disabled, and gender issues, where differences to access of socially valued resources highlight the disadvantages that these groups in society face. This disadvantage has implications of a life dominated by social and economic disadvantage, where quality of life, opportunities and possible future outcomes are all less that those who live in wealthier areas and higher incomes and higher status jobs.

Indigenous Australians are another group whose life opportunities are diminished through the inequality based upon their perceived 'racial' difference.

In nearly all aspects of social life, indigenous Australians experience disadvantage. An inquiry into Australia's health in 1994 revealed that indigenous Australians were 3 times more likely to die of childhood diseases and were 15 to 20 years more likely to die earlier that other Australians. Indigenous people were nearly twice as likely as member of the general population to live outside urban centres and are more likely to live further from a range of health services and facilities. This statistics highlight the lack of access to health systems leading to health problems and death. In addition to facing a range of cultural and communication barriers, they face particular issues, such as dispossession and the 'stolen generation' which placed them in a uniquely disadvantaged position. Although there has been funding from the government to try and...