Analyse the events of 1848 which deposed Louise Philippe and explain why his reign ended in revolution. (1848 Revolutions - France).

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There are several factors for the failure of Louise Philippe's monarchy and the revolution. A wide range of events from unpopularity to crisis in various aspects occurred during the 1847-1848 period in France. Not to mention the active liberal opposition that had emerged.

The king was basically doing everything wrong. The proletariat discontented because of the food shortages, unemployment and high tax rates, wanted to obliterate the monarchy and the King didn't even attempt anything to solve it, if he had, he would have probably achieved traditional middle class support for the regime.

His lack of support and unpopularity was soaring. He didn't have the support of any of the classes. The proletariat having a hard time surviving the crisis wanted only but change and the bourgeoisie was mostly from the House of Orleans or its supporters, so they didn't support the King who belonged to the House of Bourbon.

On 23 February the situation in Paris deteriorated. King Louise finally reacted and dismissed his conservative Prime Minister Guizot and replaced him with a more liberal inclined Molé. Alas the move came too late. A crowd of rioters was approaching the Foreign Ministry and got shot by nervous troops. Approximately 40 protestors were killed and in no time and Paris wrecked in Havoc.

The collapse of monarchy developed lack of confidence among financiers and businessman. In three weeks the reserves of the Bank of France fell by 70% and share values were cut by 55%. The government tried to fill the budgetary gap by increasing taxation in a 45%. The tax increase was discouraging for the peasants who were already in agrarian crisis. They revolted and 50,000 troops had to be placed along the countryside.

Political problems were imminent through out France. The King and his poor strategy didn't...