Analyse the incorporation of sustainability / ESD principles in a significant contemporary building

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China is currently experiencing a rate of urbanisation never seen before. In 1985 just 23.7% of China's population living in cities; this has now doubled to just less than 50%.10 It's predicted by 2030 approximately 70% of China's population will be living in cities.11 Housing these people and keeping up with China's rapidly growing population will result in construction of huge cities at rates never seen before. The amount of energy used during construction and the level of consumption these buildings produce, if managed unsustainably, could easily use all of China's resources and emit enough co2 to possibly destroy our environment.12 Sustainability of buildings is judged from a holistic view by looking at the buildings energy use and wastage over its entire lifetime as well as energy consumption, water usage, its impact on the natural environment, commuting and associated infrastructure. Chinese developers The Modern Investment group, have recognised the need for sustainable developments and used their latest project as a future model of sustainable design by using contemporary architect Steven Holl and the latest sustainable technology. The major sustainable features in the design are the use of recycled materials during construction, geothermic heating/cooling and grey water recycling all three of which can be implemented in any future designs making the LH a relevant model to future developments. These technologies obviously come at higher initial cost but by using a sustainable holistic view over the lifespan of the development, they pay for themselves. This sustainable and long term view is needed to combat the dangers of rapid urbanisation of China.

Analyse the incorporation of sustainability / ESD principles in a significant contemporary building...