Analyse how links between the beginning and end helped you understand a main theme or issue.

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In the film ‘Billy Elliot’ directed by Stephen Daldry there are links between the beginning and the end which help to deliver a main theme to the audience. The theme of struggle is depicted throughout the film however the contrast between the beginning and the end most effectively delivers it to the audience.

In the beginning scenes, the audience see Billy jumping up and down, dancing. The fact that camera shot shows Billy falling after jumping perhaps represents this theme of struggle. Billy like a chick is unable to fly away freely towards his desire, something is holding him back, dragging him back down. The background in this scene of bright yellow flowers also shows hope and desire that Billy wants to reach for. However the wallpaper has numerous flowers which represents that Billy is still confused about his future and is undecided. In contrast to the beginning scene, in the last scene it is shown that Billy has achieved his hopes and desires.

This ending scene shows Billy dancing in the Royal Ballet School Production. Here he jumps wearing a swan costume and the film ends at the top of his jump and the audience never see Billy fall. This represents that Billy has finally reached his hop and that there is nothing that is holding him back, he flies free like and adult bird. Also the audience are also able to see that Billy jumps into a single, bright spotlight. This represents that he is no longer confused about his future and hopes. His dream of becoming a ballet dancer is now defined. This contrast between the beginning and the end helped to establish a link between the two scenes which in turn helped me to understand one of the main themes, struggle. Through contrast I...