Analyse "For No One" by the Beatles in detail.

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The piece “For No one” by the Beatles has 2 verses and one chorus verse-chorus structure repeated 3 times (i.e. AAB times 3). The piece has 4 beats to the bar and is set at a moderate tempo. The first verse starts off with just piano and voice, which are both warming sounds. As the piece commences, the hi-hat cymbals of the drums join in the second verse with the same beat timing as the piano. The tambourine with an offbeat, and bass-guitar, which adds depth, join in the very first chorus. This ensemble carries on throughout out the rest of the song except for the 2nd verse of the 2nd verse-chorus structure where the French horn plays instead of the sung melody (voice). The French horn, which is a brassy sound, comes in again on the 2nd to last verse, but this time behind the sung melody, and also right at the very end on the final tonic note to end to resolve the piece.

On the verses it can be heard that the instruments play a straight backing without any embellishments and not adding any melody or counter melody notes whereas the choruses have a noticeable change in rhythm count on the piano and some piano notes actually follow the melody. On each of the verse-to-verse-to-chorus the backing runs straight through. However, at the end of each chorus there is a slight pause (rest beats) before continuing into the next verse to make a deliberate marked and noticeable change between the verse and the chorus, and to mark the end of a verse-chorus structure.

As the piece is in a moderate, and an almost lively tempo it seems at odds with the subject matter of the words, which is about a failed relationship. There's almost a...