Analyses of Christmas

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Floyd Dell tells us a story about a little boy in his short story called Christmas. The little boy is not aware of some things and the story includes his learning process.

I will start to analyse the story at first looking at the meaning. Floyd has a purpose in writing this story and this is narrative purpose. In narrative purpose, the writer focuses on an incident. Events unfolds through time. In this story the event is poverty of the little boy's family and himself. The problem is that the little boy doesn't know what poverty is and feels sorry when he heard about the poor people from his teacher for the first time. The story has a literal meaning which means the author writes "face value", not examining any figurative levels. He just gives the real meaning not the deep one. This short story is under the head line of non-fiction.

As for the subtitle, this is an autobiography including memoirs. He tells his own life and memories in chronological order. This is a realistic narrative. He uses a language of everyday life and it is easy to understand. The events can be seen in real life. For example rich and poor conflict. Floyd uses this conflict. The main character of the story, the little boy, doesn't know what poverty is untill his teachers talk and want them some things for the poor people. He feels sorry for the poor people but doesn't know that they are poor,too. The story starts like that. He uses irony when describing the father's reaction to the potato soup. The boy doesn't know the reality behind why they eat potato soup every evening. He just know that potato is so nutrious and they eat it because of this. Additionally, he thinks that his...