Analysing the feasiblity of extenting the use of nuclear energy in the future

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'Analysing the feasiblity of extending the use of nuclear energy in the future'

In light of the global energy crisis that each and every country consumes much more energy compared to the past (International Energy Agency, 2013), it is necessary for us to find alternative energy sources in maintaining stable energy supply. The advent of nuclear energy, which is a kind of renewable energy produced via nuclear reaction (Nuclear Energy Institute), seems to bring us new hope in rectifying the situation. However, the current nuclear accident in Japan(E. Ten & Jacobson,2012) has aroused an acute debate over the world as to whether nuclear energy can be treated as an ideal energy source in the future. After weighting both the benefits and demerits thoroughly, I believe nuclear energy is by no means a reliable energy source.

There is no shortage of reasons for my stance. The major factor is that the nuclear power station would pose a potential threat to residents' health.

When encountering unintended natural disasters, nuclear power stations without well precaution are likely to be damaged and high dose of radiation would be emitted extensively(Maurin,2011), covering a province, even a whole country. In the short run, immediate health impacts on people are likely to be skin-burning. In some cases, some people may get lifelong blindness or paralysis, and their normal life will be adversely disturbed (Warry,2011). However, it is not the worst case, what is more startling are the long-term impacts. The leakage of radiation will go into the soil and the water. Hence the crops from contaminated soil and the seafood from contaminated seasides will contain harmful radiation, destroying the whole ecological equilibrium. When residents have these food too often, or rather, daily, they are prone to being infected with cancer as food containing radiation would directly...